Understanding Kids’ Growing Love For Mobile Gadgets

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If you have only been using your smartphone to talk to your therapist online or call your clients, friends, and family members, you cannot expect it to have the same use for adolescents.

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When you visit any school, after all, almost every student starting from the fourth grade may already be carrying a mobile phone with a touchscreen display. It will be rare to see someone holding a device with keypads because that is no longer trendy. They want to be able to take photos or videos whenever they please, as well as listen to new songs while waiting for the next class.

The parents, on the other hand, allow their kids to have this gadget so that they can check up on them quickly. Many smartphones may have a tracking function now, and that will help the concerned moms and dads to know the teens’ whereabouts.

Nevertheless, despite the usefulness of a smartphone for youngsters, it does not erase the fact that they may already be forgetting desktops.

Is It True?

comScore, an analytics and global media measurement company, revealed through a 2014 report that the number of smartphone users is gradually rising faster than the number of people who still rely on their personal computers to check on their e-mails or search various websites. Another account from KCPB’s Mary Meeker within the same year showed that more than half of the adult digital users spend time with their smartphones instead of desktops.

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What such details can tell us is that PCs may be less popular among teenagers. In reality, they did not grow up seeing CPUs or floppy disks. If you ask them to describe what they look like, you might even get blank stares from the kids. Hence, it is not surprising to hear that a lot of web owners are embracing the truth by making their sites mobile-friendly.

What Attracts Everyone To Mobile Gadgets?

1. Smartphones Are Wireless

Mobile phones give users the liberty to be on the move without worrying about cables and plugs. After charging for a couple of hours, you can take them anywhere and remain on until the day ends.

Aside from that, smartphones fit in your pockets. Active adolescents usually do not like carrying bags; that’s why they prefer having a gadget that they can keep on their body. That’s something you cannot do with a desktop, for sure.

2. They Allow Quick Access To The Internet

It is not uncommon to see an object or incident on the streets and be eager to know more about it. The younger a person is, the more their curiosity shows, after all. Thus, folks no longer need to stay in the scene if they can find out the details online, thanks to their smartphone.

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3. They Come With Better Apps

Digital users, especially teenagers, are fond of using applications that are downloadable through Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. The developers seem to want their apps to become appreciated by folks of different ages; that’s why most of them are easy to access even for young children. There are games, editing tools, fitness trackers, and many more, which may be troublesome to use through a desktop computer.

4. Viruses Are Not Too Common

Although malware can still wound up in a handheld phone anytime you download videos or games from shady websites, viruses may not commonly be found there if you stick with reputable sources. The same thought is quite difficult to guarantee for a desktop since it has a much bigger room for files that might contain Trojan horse, bots, or worms.

Source: nps.gov

Final Thoughts

Smartphones are useful little gadgets not only for adults but also for kids. If they need to do a quick research before class, they can use the device to access the web. In case there is a project that requires photo or video evidence, the youngsters will be able to record stuff without a professional apparatus as well.

The only thing that parents should make sure is that the kids are not becoming addicted to their smartphone. Any activity that becomes done too much can turn into a bad habit. Should you not regulate their gadget use, their grades at school might start to drop, or they might come across dangerous folks on the internet.

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