How Parents Can Prevent Mishaps Before Curfew

Parent's Guide

Parents might impose curfew to their children in order to keep them safe from harm on the road at night. However, having a curfew is not a one-stop-shop solution for all the problems of safety and welfare for your children. They will still have the freedom to go about their own trips and adventures during daytime. They might also be exposed to the similar dangers that curfews are preventing them to be exposed to.

Here are some of the guidelines that you may follow in order to keep them safe from mishaps when they are away from home:


Create a Sense of Trust and Bond

Some children will find it difficult to disclose their whereabouts. They might feel that following your curfew is already enough to make them accountable to you. By creating a sense of trust and bond, these children will not have any apprehensions to open up about their daily travels and trips away from home. They might also be very interested about disclosing the reasons of these whereabouts to you.


The important trick is to make them feel that you are not judging them from whatever they will say. Be their best friend and you will not have any trouble with their daily itineraries.


Teach Them the Right Lessons

Your teens can also become highly self-regulating. They will benefit greatly from the values that you have instilled upon them wherever they may go. They will have the right judgment to execute appropriate actions when dealing with moral and ethical choices away from home.


Self-regulation can be achieved by having the right lessons for them. Teach them the proper decorum when they are at home. Give them an understanding of various issues surrounding their generation, such as issues on drugs, intoxication, and early parenthood.


Know Their Circle of Friends

Keeping your children safe does not always have to mean dealing with them on a personal level. It should also involve dealing with the people who are always with them before their curfew strikes. Try knowing who their friends are and try to discern their influences over your child.


The first step in knowing your teens’ circle is to try to encourage them to hang out with their friends at home. By knowing the interests and behaviors of your teens’ friends, you will have an initial assessment of their influence on your teens.


Use Apps for Emergency Cases

Using mobile applications for teen’s safety is highly encouraged for very busy parents. They will be able to contact you easily for any possible incidence on the road. They will also have access to emergency services in just one click. However, having a constant access to their whereabouts might create a sense of mistrust on their part. They will feel being highly regulated by you even at their own private time. Therefore, try to keep a safe boundary between keeping them safe and giving them their own space and time to intruding their personal privacy.


These guidelines will help you as a parent to know their level of safety away from home. Either being passive or aggressive in ensuring their welfare, it will always be your responsibility to keep them safe at all times. Follow these guidelines responsibly.Your teens will most probably do them for you and for themselves.

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