How Do I motivate My Teen To Study Better?

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Education is undeniably indispensable. Its positive effect on human life and its rudimentary role in our society are essential for a human being’s growth and development. In fact, with the advent of technology in today’s world, everything we create is based on knowledge obtained through education. As the world progresses, the need for educated people is rapidly increasing, so is the competition.

You, as a parent of a growing teenager, is concerned and anxious knowing what’s at stake: your child’s future. You don’t want your child to be left behind by his/her peers. You are also aware that today’s generation is more challenging to handle. Teenager’s priorities are mixed-up. They tend to lack motivation in school and fail to understand the value of education.


Therefore, wanting the best for your child while dealing with struggles of raising one can be really difficult and frustrating. With these in mind, how do you motivate your teens to study better?


First of all, be reminded and understand your role as a parent.

The common mistake that a lot of parents commit is practicing entitlement. Being controlling or manipulative, too authoritative, and/or too strict can negative outcomes. For instance, teens can become more rebellious.


Always remember that being a parent is not just a title but a call for action. Sure, teenagers are very hard to handle. They sneak out, try a lot of weird things, and disobey rules. But, this is when they need your support, encouragement. and understanding. Moreover, this is very crucial if you want to instill good values in them such as the importance of education, knowing their roles in life and making use of them correctly.


Learn how to empathize and understand how they feel and think.

According to Dalton Miller Jones, Ph.D., a professor emeritus of developmental psychology, one of the most important things parents can do is to notice their child. Are they shy or talker? What are things that they want to do? Moreover, what are the things that they hate doing?


Teenagers are extremely emotional and are very sensitive. Therefore, putting yourself in their shoes is very important. Communicate with them and find out what interests them. Help them explore by letting them show you how they like to learn.


Help your teen to study and to cope up with academic stress.

Studying is hard especially for a developing teenager whose priorities are pretty mixed-up. After a long day at school, they usually get tired and feel lazy about doing homework. Unfortunately, just telling them to study won’t be enough.


Instead of letting your teens deal with the struggles of academics, sit with them and help them figure out how to go about it. Make a to-do list or schedule for their activities. Tell them the importance of prioritizing, or help them with their assignments.


Teenagers need support and just a little push in this phase.


Finally, don’t raise expectations.

Raising your expectations will only make your teens anxious and pressured. Instead, teach them the importance of hard work and achievement, working on attaining their goals one at a time, and most importantly, find the joy in everything that they do.

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