Feeling Unappreciated And How To Overcome It


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Source: christianstt.com

Everyone at some point in their life might have had overwhelming feelings of depression and loneliness. This buildup of negative emotions can, in most cases, make one feel unappreciated or unworthy of praise. One can feel this way in relation to his or her family, close friends, and even colleagues as well as higher officials at the workplace.

Why Are These Thoughts Unhealthy For The Mind?

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Many people who suffer from mental health problems such as depression or anxiety tend to have a negative personal view and feel as if no one cares about them anymore. One would usually find them blaming themselves even for uncontrollable events and tragic failings in life. Hence, in such cases criticism in the form of positive feedback can sometimes feel like hate speech against themselves.

Feeling unappreciated by people around you, whether it is a self-constructed illusion or a reality for someone, is hard to cope with. Generally, the foremost reaction to such a situation is questioning your own self and your relation with that specific person. This then evolves into a game of self-hate and confusion, deconstructing one’s views about his or her own self.

How To Overcome It

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We all as humans crave love and attention from others, especially from those who we believe are close to us. However, sometimes our expectations or good intentions are returned empty-handed, whereas in other instances with harsh words. There are several ways, mentioned below, to cope with this; and these exclude reaching out to a therapist for professional help, although there is a time and place to hire one…. even if it’s FREE according to BetterHelp.

  1. Value your work

It is important to realize your own self-worth before you ask others to do the same. It is incorrect to believe that you or the work you do is not good enough just because it has gone unnoticed by many. You are working hard and trying to make a difference in the little space you have been offered in this world. Value your efforts. You should know when you deserve a compliment. The truth is that the moment you start believing in yourself and your potential, others will as well. Remember you are way more capable than others know of; all you need is a little bit of self-confidence and trust in your own capabilities.

  1. Find likeminded people

Sometimes you may not receive the same appreciation from one person not because you are not good enough, but because they might inherently possess views that differ from yours or have no information as well as interest in your field. For instance, a well-written poem may not be easily comprehended by everyone. Thus not everyone will be in the position of giving you valid suggestions. It is pertinent to find people who understand your work and whom you would be able to voice your ideas to.

  1. The lesser you expect the better

It is understandable that every human being is trying to find connections in this world and a place to build their support system. However, the extent of reliance on this support system must be carefully scrutinized. Sometimes we tend to expect too much from others. We involve these individuals in every life decision we make so it is natural for us to seek their approval. One must understand that such wishful thinking may not always come true. The people you expect the most from may in some cases not consider having the same footing with you. Therefore, it is important to know where you stand in someone’s life, expect nothing big,  and live your life based on what you like or dislike instead of what others think.

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