Curfew and Rewards

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There is an old saying that goes, “Honey attracts stronger than fecal matter,” if you can excuse my French. This same tactic is essential to raising kids and many of you may already be doing something to this degree. Now, if you are struggling, then, it might be hard for you to do what we call a “reward system“. As well as implementing a cheaper, or perhaps a more lucrative reward system for those who are well-off, we are going to focus doing this around curfew.


Learning The Reward System

The reward system is a tricky thing because it is something that you don’t want to abuse or to not utilize. But first, what is the best way to implement it? Well, there are three ways that you can apply the reward system depending upon your budget. If you currently don’t have sufficient funds, then, all you need is a piece of paper that has what your child wants for Christmas. Have your child write down a top ten list of the things that they want. On the other hand, if you have much to spare, then, a delicious dessert or specialty food are some of the best alternatives for rewarding your child for good behavior. Giving your child money to spend is also a reward. While the others focus on teaching your kids the value of objects versus the value of money, I think the latter is more beneficial.



When To Reward

*Timely arrival

When your kid arrives home before the scheduled time, this is a good thing. Out of all the things you could reward your child, this is by far the most significant, regarding the curfew.


*Updates on location

If you should tell your kid to do this more than once, then, you might be hovering your child too much. He or she should want to do this and not be forced on them, rather, to be discussed smoothly.

*Told ahead of time

When your kid tells you where he’s going ahead of time, let him know that the gesture is well appreciated.


When NOT To Reward

*Arriving past curfew

Out of all the offenses, this by far, is the only felony. All the rest could be treated as a misdemeanor and this violation should not go unpunished. (Please go straight to the last paragraph if this happens.)

*No warning of departure

Always remind your child to ask permission before he leaves. If he goes out without permission, even if you have already told him about your “ask permission first” rule, you have to scold him for it. After the scolding, this should not go unpunished. There is nothing that should cause a parent unrest than not knowing where their kids are at.

*Lying about time

This is petty compared to the others and is placed at the bottom of the list. Still, it requires corrective measures.

Turning Rewards Into Punishments

Now the power of the reward system is that with a flick of a finger, it can turn into your greatest tool for punishment without any physical pain required. With the parent on a tight budget, you can bargain on your child’s Christmas list. You can give this reward after the holidays as your child earns it. Taking away dessert and replacing it with vegetables is also an easy way to go when your child isn’t behaving correctly. It is important that you know their least favorite food.  They must know that they are being punished for misbehaving and a lesson must be learned.

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