Best Ways to Focus on Studies

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When you enter a high school or a university, having new friends sometimes distracts you from your main objective in entering the institution: to study and to learn. This can be particularly true when you have a new set of friends who are always on the go to bond and meet wherever and whenever.

In this context, while it may not be advisable for an individual to evade his new sets of friends, you are encouraged to learn how to focus on completing your tasks. Finish your homework and study for the examination before going out with your new friends. Here are some tips that may help you to focus:


Create Short-Term, Achievable Goals

Considering things that are not achievable or things that do not have any present-day implications will make you succumb to laziness over everything related to academics. By creating short-term goals, you will be ensured of having that constant drive towards doing important tasks.


You may begin by aiming for a certain grade in an examination, or by acing that recitation class. You may also want to compete with your friends to increase your motivation.


Organize Group Studies

By involving your friends in this aim to focus on academics, you will not have a hard time dealing with them as distractions or bad influences. Expose yourself to people who will join you on your organized group studies. Peer discussions on academic matters can become extremely fruitful which might reflect on the group’s overall grade.


Set a Time as a ‘No Distraction’ Time

You may also try to isolate yourself especially when you need to really focus on an urgent academic task on hand. This includes turning your Wi-Fi off or keeping yourself locked in your room. Your ‘No Distraction’ time can range from a healthy amount of 30 minutes to as long as 3 hours. This will make sure that even if you hang out with your friends, you have already achieved your set academic tasks for the entire day.


Set Ample Entertainment Time

This might be a contradiction to the guidelines above. However, setting enough entertainment time will not make your study habits look like you are depriving yourself of any fun. Once in a while, try having fun during your mini breaks. You might want to enjoy that video game you have wanted to play the entire day. You might also want to immerse yourself in a family bonding moment. This ensures that you will not get easily bored with your habit formation. Moreover, you will have ample mind capacity to continue studying further.



Learn to Prioritize

Lastly, nothing can beat forming the habit of setting priorities. It was stated that humans have two internal modes: the CEO mode and the Working Bee mode. The CEO mode is basically a person’s inner self-setting the tasks and strategies to be done the entire day. The Working Bee mode is his inner self-executing these plans. Focusing on honing your CEO self will directly affect your productivity for the entire day. It can be done through effective prioritization.

Set yourself to perform easier activities in the earlier stage of your study period. Do the other more difficult activities as you continue with your day. Alternatively, you may want to determine your own method according to how you will best complete your tasks on hand without tiring your Working Bee mode.


All these are just tips to help you concentrate on your studies. Performing each of them will make you a holistic student who does not have to isolate himself from his friends just to perform better academically. Making these a habit may turn you into a bright student you thought you will never become.

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