Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teenage Curfew

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Curfew for teenagers all over the US is being strictly implemented. Most of the states and the major cities within it follow their own city ordinance or state law regarding the curfew issue. Lawmakers and politicians deemed it necessary for young people below the age of 18 to be home at a certain time. In case kids and teenagers are caught roaming the streets after curfew, there will be a corresponding punishment.

Is curfew for teens an effective law?

Studies have shown that since the implementation of teenage curfew in Lake County, Michigan, youth crimes have drastically decreased. This report was substantiated by then Lake County Sheriff Robert Hilts. This holds true not only in Lake County, Michigan but also in other counties, cities and states around the US.

How is teenage curfew necessary?

Some say that it is a good thing – teenage curfew has helped a lot of teenagers from getting into to trouble and that means parents who are relieved that their teenage kids are safe from harm. But, there are some who mock the idea of teenage curfew. They say that their kids are responsible and can be trusted. Such kids need to work nights for various reasons and their parents agree to this. So, why can’t they work the night shift just because there is a teenage curfew in place?

Both ideas have their important points settled. Anyway, to be fair, the advantages and disadvantages of teenage curfew will be discussed.


What are some advantages of teenage curfew?

1. Parents will be relieved that their teenage kids are safe and sound at home because of the teenage curfew.

Some parents work at nights and during that time, they have no physical hold with their teenagers. Sure, they contact them through phone and tell them to go home and to stay at home. But there are some teens who are very stubborn. With the curfew in place, teens will have to follow it or else, they might face jail time.

2. The teenagers will stay out of trouble.

It is a known fact that crimes are at its peak during night time. When teenagers are at home because of the curfew, it is unlikely that they will be involved in crimes – as a victim or a suspect. When they are home early, they will have to find ways to get occupied within the four corners of their bedroom. Instead of smoking, drinking and doing illegal things, they could be finishing their assignments or practicing a skill.

3. It can be a value formation act.

When teenagers follow the curfew, even if they don’t like it, they have to adhere. This is one way to practice a person’s discipline – a value is instilled. Teenagers are called minors for a reason and until a teenager becomes a full-pledged adult when he reaches 18, he will still be called a “young one”.


What are some disadvantages of teenage curfew?

1. It keeps them from working the night shift.

Some people see this as very discriminatory. There are “responsible” teenagers who want to work nights and yet, they can’t because of the curfew law.

2. Teenage curfew restricts them of many things in life.

The curfew is absolute. There is no bending the rules or extending it. Others view this as a restriction on how teenagers can manage their lives – they cannot assert, they cannot negotiate, they cannot learn, and therefore, they are not living their lives.

3. Some parents use this as a control issue.

There are parents who use teenage curfew so that they can keep their kids locked up at home while they go out at night. It’s all about control and oppression, according to others. Teenage curfew can be a reason for parents to “overlook” things about their teenage children and that means neglect, as well.

What’s the real deal with teenage curfew?

The reason why 18 is the age deemed by law as “adult” is because by this time, the person is more mature. If a person has not reached that age yet, then, there is a tendency that he is not yet that fully equipped on how to handle his life. It will still boil down to the fact that kids need to be protected and the curfew is one way to safeguard their lives. This is the real deal here.

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