How To Overcome Procrastination And Avoid Wasting Time

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It is normal to set aside things that we do not feel like doing from time to time. However, there is an extent that habitual procrastination can lower competence in career, social life, and even mental health. Some cases of severe anxiety are due to procrastination. Hence, it will need professional help or counseling to prevent other secondary effects like depression. Keep reading

How To Handle Pressure In Academics


There are several challenges that you need to face when it comes to taking up a course or finishing a college degree, Whether you like it or not, there will come a time when you will receive pressure from everything and everyone around you. It can be difficult to continue your journey to becoming a professional graduate if your family and relatives expect a lot from you. At the same time, you may also feel pressure from your friends such as when most of them are in the honor’s list while you are not.


The most dangerous kind of pressure is that one that you impose on yourself. This usually happens when you keep on thinking about self-doubts and limitations. Sometimes, the words of the people around you can affect you in such a way that you will start to lose interest in your studies. At the same time, the accomplishments of others can also make you think that you will never be enough for your family.


Below are some of the effective tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure that you can eliminate this pressure in your life as a college student:


  1. Prioritize Yourself At All Times


Before you can give your focus and attention to something, you must first consider your own welfare. At this point, it is vital to highlight the fact that self-care must come first to ensure that you will have the right amount of energy, as well as attitude, to handle anything that will come your way.


One of the ways to care for yourself is to get enough sleep every night. As much as possible, do not study late at night because it will only make you tired the following day. You may think that such actions can increase your retention or improve your memory, but the truth is that the contrary is the result. Having enough sleep will put you in a great mood and will eventually make you feel ready for any stressor.


  1. Change Your Mindset


Remember that you can never control the way people act or talk. You will only get frustrated if you want to change their personality because what they do or say is beyond your control. However, you have what it takes to control the way you react to their words and actions. Take note that you do not need to react to the comments or suggestions of the people around you.




At the end of the day, you are the only one who is going to decide for yourself. Hence, our advice is for you to master the art of changing your mindset. Instead of thinking more about negativity, it is best if you will start to attract more positive thoughts. Think of all the accomplishments that you have received throughout the years you spent in your study. Remind yourself that you are genuinely capable of succeeding so that you can no longer think of your failures in the past.


  1. Take It Slow


As already mentioned above, do not let anyone or anything rattle you. It must be noted that you have twenty-four hours a day to complete all the things that you want to accomplish. Keep in mind that you can continue to get enough sleep without sacrificing your studies. The best thing to do is to learn the tricks on how to slow down.


Take note that the more you rush something, the more complicated it becomes. Do not feel sorry for yourself if you think you still need more time to complete what is being expected from you. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you can already procrastinate. What you need to do is to study at your own pace instead of pressuring yourself to read fast. Otherwise, you will end up having troubles in remembering what you read or studied.




  1. Do What Makes You Happy


At this point, you must take note that the challenges and struggles brought by pressure in your student life will always be there. No matter how much you make an effort to make everything perfect, there will always be someone who will question your capacity to reach your dreams. Never allow them to get into your head. As an alternative, find the things that make you happy and spend some of your time to do them.


Whenever you feel that there is too much pressure, the best way to handle it is to de-stress. Find something that can lift you. For example, you can go out with your friends to have fun during the weekends. Another way to improve your mood is to exercise at least four times a week. If your schedule and budget permit, you can also go out of town with friends or a loved one.


The pressure you receive from the people around you must not make you lose hope. Instead, you must use it to motivate yourself to reach your full potential.

Beyond The Classroom: Why You Should Attend The 2014 New York Educational Conferences


Learning is nothing if we don’t go beyond the four corners of the classroom and that’s why we have events such as the 2014 New York Educational Conferences! They say students learn best when they’re exposed to the real world and that’s why we have activities like educational trips, forums, symposiums, and many more!

A New Learning Perspective
The 2014 New York Educational Conferences are just some of the many Alternative Learning Programs (ALP) available for teachers, coaches, and parents. These conferences are great avenues for mentors to equip themselves with better guidance, training, and knowledge to improve the methods and approaches to learning.


With alternative options like these, learning can be more interesting and engaging, and it can be used to mold future leaders who will soon transform the world.

Educational conferences aren’t just regular workshops to teach mentors about leadership, but it’s also where mentors can develop and educate themselves with the different socio-political issues our youth is facing so we can better relate and communicate with them. But you might say, is that all?

The Pros Of Presence
Maybe you’re wondering, what’s it like to be present at an educational conference?

  1. Travel – Educational conferences are held all over the country and being present in each one gives you a free pass to learning more about the place’s culture and seeing the beautiful sceneries as well!
  2. Knowledge Bank – Not only do you gain progress in self-development, but you also add up to your knowledge bank! Educational conferences usually revolve around different topics that aren’t discussed in class. Given this, you can share your own takeaways with your students so that they also learn a thing or two from your experience.
  3. Expand Your Network – Different places means different people! Meet and make new friends by going to educational conferences! Start a conversation, exchange ideas, and create healthy learning environments for everyone!
  4. Meet The Legends – Speakers invited to educational conferences are usually the best professionals in their respective fields. Learn from them and grace yourself with their brains and presence by attending one!
  5. Develop Holistically – Through these events, you will develop many aspects of your identity, and have the opportunity to share it with others! Find your purpose & be an inspiration to the youth.

Opportunities are out there so be sure to take as much you can!

Curfews And Its Effect On Your Child’s Mental Health

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If keeping your child’s safety has always been one of your primary concerns, you would probably agree that it is best for your child to stay at home and do some household chores rather than to let them go on an adventurous activity. For working parents, it is a challenging responsibility to keep track of your child’s businesses knowing that you cannot be with them all the time. Because of that, curfew laws have been recognized to advocate and to educate the youth about their limitations.

One of the most common curfews practiced nowadays is a home curfew. This curfew has two types—the juvenile curfew and the digital curfew.


Effects of Juvenile Curfew On Mental Health

Juvenile curfew, also known as youth curfew, is mainly about keeping the children out of trouble during the night. To maintain peace in a particular area, anyone who is 18 years and below is prohibited or must at least be accompanied by a legal guardian to go on public places during the night.

Parents would agree with this type of home curfew. But not all children, especially teenagers, are in favor of this curfew since they are known to be more concerned with their independence rather than their parent’s safety concerns. Some teenagers would think that it is one of the best safety measures to avoid harmful exposure. However, others would think that it is a sort of rule which violates their social freedom to enjoy and expand their horizons.

The effect of juvenile curfew still depends on how the parents restrict their children. It may result in either a positive or negative impact. For example, telling your child to go home at 5 pm strictly could lead to mental health issues like personality disorders or worse lead to rebellion. As a parent, you have to always be considerate at all times. Too much of something may not be good at some point. Your child would think that it is part of an emotional punishment, false security and a hindrance to maturity.


Effects of Digital Curfew On Mental Health

A home curfew does not only mean restriction to go out during the night. It could also mean restriction from too much gadget use. Since technologies have been developing throughout the years, children are becoming more of social media users than players of physical activities. Extreme usage of social media may lead to destruction, to poor sleep quality, to addiction and too depressive symptoms. Hence, digital curfew plays an essential role in situations like this.

A digital curfew is setting up a time limit on when your child should need to stop his use of gadgets. It is like a therapy session to control your child’s obsession with media devices. Compared to juvenile curfew, setting up a digital curfew has more of a positive effect on your child’s mental health and well being.  Having digital curfew at home leads to abstinence of gadgets and more exposure to the real world. He will have enough time for sports and sleep which leads to the development of face-to-face communication, to the prevention of anxieties, to the prevention of cyberbullying and to become self-aware.

Understanding the effects of curfew is a helpful means for you and your child to find time what’s best for both of you. Always remember it is also essential to give your child the voice in expressing his thoughts, especially in curfew conversations because if not, he might engage in more risky behaviors.

Importance Of Mindfulness To Our Modern Teens 

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Today’s generation is far different from yesterday. The teens nowadays deal with various stressors such as the social media, peer pressure, social standards, parents, social demands, and change in morals and values of society. There is too much to think about that sometimes, all the things that occupy the mind make it crowded and confused. It is essential that the teens be mindful and goal-oriented. They should be able to distinguish which is vital in their individuality and life in general. 



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Types of Bullying and Its Effects

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It is a fact that bullying is almost experienced by everyone in one way or another during their school-aged years. The only difference is seen in the severity of bullying and form of bullying used by the bullies. Bullying is an issue that needs laser focus since it is considered a major risk factor for suicide, depression, anxiety, and disruption of schooling.

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Bullying In The Family

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Bullying doesn’t only occur at school or at the office. Admit it or not, bullying can also occur inside the family. It is tough to notice that bullying is happening in your supposedly ‘safe haven,’ but it is better to open your eyes to the possibilities. As a parent, you should be wary of the warning signs that indicate bullying is happening in your own home.

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Are Curfew Laws Causing More Harm Than Good?

Curfew Violation

Gun violence and the public’s distrust of the law enforcers are complicated societal issues that can’t be solved immediately despite it being a priority of the government. To resolve these problems, a particular newspaper suggests a simple change in policy that can address both without actually causing any monetary expenditure from the state.

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Disciplining Teenagers: What Can Actually Work

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Teenagers have a bad reputation for being hardheaded, difficult to deal with concerning responsibility and discipline. Since being a teenager is, in fact, a stage where one is stuck in between two phases: adulthood and childhood, teenagers struggle to affirm their free will without being seen as disrespectful and rebelling by their parents and adults. Also, teenagers are known to be impulsive, and they don’t often see the cause and effect and direct consequences of their actions. Keep reading

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